Our Mission

As a church we are in agreement with, and committed to one another to reform the church, making disciples, train leaders, plant churches and reach the nations.

Our Purpose

Within this mission we see our specific purpose in being called together as an area church as being threefold to:

To Know God:

Our priority is to develop close and passionate relationship with God in all we are and do, and be changed into Christ’s likeness.
Jeremiah 31:33-34John 17:3Romans 8:29Philippians 3:10

To Grow together:

We are committed to grow in maturity and unity, deepening our relationships with one another, and within the whole Church of God, developing true expression of community.
Ephesians 4:11-16

To Reach Others:

Through Christ’s love, we are committed to reach with the gospel those who are separated from God and without hope, those who are hurt or unloved by society, and to share ourselves with them both spiritually and materially.
Isaiah 49:8-12Isaiah 58:6-7Isaiah 58:10Luke 4:18-19Luke 5:30-32

Our Principles

Life application of the Bible:

To live in God’s Word, and build our faith and practices on the whole Word of God.


To live in worshipful devotion to God, expecting to touch, and to be touched by, the heart of the Father.

God’s power:

To live naturally in God’s power, freely expressing gifts of the Spirit in loving submission to the Holy Spirit, fulfilling God’s work in His way.


To encourage and develop the life of prayer in order to grow in the knowledge and purpose of God.


To become people who grow effectively in the life and ways of Christ, who acknowledge Him as Lord, not just Saviour, and teach others to live in the same manner.


To be united in the Spirit, with freedom of expression, where people are important, regardless of age or status, with each member having individual identity, while recognising and contributing to the life of the whole church.

Grace and truth:

To live in and reflect the grace of God unconditionally every day (not just Sundays!), whilst speaking the truth in love, being open and real in all our relationships.


To develop genuine friendships through which to share the love of Christ with the church and the world.


To accept, affirm and encourage each other through prophecy and the laying on of hands, especially in the context of worship and prayer.


To have generous hearts, giving freely of our love, energy, time, money and resources, being available to serve whenever, wherever and in whatever way the Lord leads.


To reach out with the Gospel in creative and culturally relevant ways.


To place the development of character before that of gifting, having teachable hearts, serving God and others without pride. To be vulnerable and open enough to be corrected as well as trusted, willingly making ourselves accountable, allowing them to speak into our lives, according to the protocol set by the church.

Integrity in Evangelism:

To respect the dignity of the individual, trusting in the message and power of God’s love and truth.

Our Goals


To recognise and release the genuine God-given gift of every member.


To see revival in our time, where many become disciples of Jesus Christ impacting whole communities and nations.


To become a resource church for the kingdom:

• To establish a large facility acting as a celebration and resource centre;

• To train and equip the church in evangelism, prayer ministry, counselling, working with the poor, the homeless, and developing market street ministries.

Our Strategy


To develop within the members a culture of prayer and intersession.


To grow, recognise and release effective leaders for specific areas of ministry.


To develop and multiply a variety of small groups under genuinely maturing leadership.


To serve with good and obedient hearts. To encourage all members to be involved in the purpose of God throughout the nations.

An Invitation

The Lord says: “I am putting on a massive production, with a cast of millions – don’t write yourself out of the script. Your have a part to play in history, and there are no understudies!”