Young People’s Group Vision Statement


Our Mission as Youth Leaders

To provide a safe and secure environment for the youth to learn about God, to support and guide them in their Christian walk, education and to encourage their social well-being.

Our Purpose as a Group

To Know God:

Our priority is to develop a close and passionate relationship with God in all we are and do, and be changed into Christ’s likeness.
Jeremiah 31:33-34John 17:3Romans 8:29Philippians 3:10

To Grow together:

We are committed to growing in maturity and unity, deepening our relationships with one another, and within the whole Church of God developing a true expression of community.
Ephesians 4:11-16

To Reach Others:

Through Christ’s love, we are committed to reach with the gospel especially those who are separated from God and without hope, those who are hurt or unloved by society, and to share ourselves with them both spiritually and materially.
Isaiah 49:8-12Isaiah 58:6-7Isaiah 58:10Luke 4:18-19Luke 5:30-32

Our Goals as a Group

To encourage everyone to:

  • Understand and live by God’s Word, the Bible
  • Have an effective prayer life
  • Become witnesses of God’s love⁄salvation
  • Praise and worship God